Artist’s Statement


   The three basic styles I work with as an artist are: whimsical impressionism, mythical realism, and intuitive abstract expressionism.  I like to go from one style to the next so as to balance out the intense emotional experience of an abstract or mythical piece with the more childlike joy of whimsical impressionism.  I aspire to be keep experimenting and creating in new ways each time I paint to keep it fun and interesting.  I listen and sometimes dance to music while I paint usually for hours at a time.  When I'm painting an intuitive piece, I usually listen to ambient music such as Brian Eno and Michael Andrews or the brilliant Jazz improvisations of Chick Corea or Keith Jarrett.  These musical styles help me to get into a trance which allows the unconscious and spiritual material to better express itself on the canvas.  When I'm painting whimsical pieces, I'll play Flamenco, Gypsy Jazz, Hawaiian, or French Accordion music to loosen me up into a more playful mood.  My favorite medium is acrylic because of its bright colors and quick-drying times which allows me to create several pieces at a time, get them out of the studio and into the homes of collectors and ready to exhibit at shows.  Also, acrylics are not as messy as oils, charcoal and pastels.  However, I do love to occasionally use oils, pastels, watercolor, India Ink, pencil, charcoal and mixed media.  My purpose to create art is to make myself happier and become more fully alive and whole.  I also thoroughly enjoy that others love and buy my work.  I have several collector fans who say my work makes them feel happy or provokes contemplation.  I see my style as both childlike and adult at the same time and eagerly anticipate growing as an artist and continuing to share my new creations with others.

David Mampel