Artist’s Statement


The late writer, Brenda Ueland, proclaimed that “if we paint what we love, it will be beautiful!”  The great poet, William Blake, said that “I will not Reason or Compare.  My business is to Create!”  These two mentors, along with Van Gogh, have been my favorite guides.   I think I’ve learned (and continue to learn) that the joy and love “behind” a work of art is ultimately what shines thru! I’ve also discovered that often frustrating “mistakes” lead to joyful new brush strokes, textures, shapes, colors, light, shadow, and dimension. I like to remember that a ruby’s imperfections are what make it shine!  Study and practice have certainly helped me develop, but experimentation supersedes education.  I’ve ruined my share of canvasses, but I’ve learned perspective, composition and depth and expressed great feelings whenever I’ve taken a risk. I like to create both “representational” pieces and “abstract-expressionistic” pieces.  I usually like to portray nature with impressionistic or expressionistic flare.  I try to capture the “central impact” of what a natural scene FEELS like to me, rather than making all the details perfect.  Most of my purely abstract art expresses intimations and ideas I have about mysteries, memories, dreams, intuition, vision and content “beyond” the five senses.  Finally, the most liberating thing I’ve learned about Art:  what one person doesn’t like, another loves. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!


David Mampel

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